Catalog, EuroCave
Catalog Design, saddle-stitched Four-color process.
Catalog Design
Catalog/ Brochure for EuroCave Wine Cabinettes
I designed this EuroCave catalog / saddle-stitched brochure back in 2007 which was used as a marketing tool for EuroCave sales representatives. You might notice there is a lot of brown, but that is part of EuroCave's identity. 
Front Cove:very brown as you can see
Opening spread: I like to be clear on where the page gutter is so at least you can tell its a book-ish type of thing you are looking at and not just rectangle after rectangle with words and pictures.
The blurry-photo-thing is also part of EuroCave's established style. I think it allows for people in witness protection the opportunity to be catalog models.
And we have the back cover: More of the brown
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