Illustrated Brochure / Copy Writing
Sample of graphic design, illustration and copy writing
Illustrated Brochure
Design, Original Illustrations and Copy
While working for Eskimo Joe's back in 2002, the art director gave me a brochure project with the objective of promoting the company's event DJ road crew. I had quite a bit of artistic license. So, I did a lot of sketching with pencil and paper and came up with a little story concept. I wrote the copy and pitched a pencil sketch draft to the art director. He went for it. Then I drew the finalized characters with pencil, then created color, vectors of them. The DJ characters were likenesses of the actual road crew DJs at the time. I drew all of the characters to compliment the  preestablished illustration style of the Eskimo Joe's character world.
the far right panel is the front cover. The left three panels are sequentially last.
This is the inner-four panels.
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