Package Design
Package design on PETE material for a little battery-operated massage tool
Package Design
Designed a Unified Look and Formula for a Line of Spa Products
This was the first product I designed packaging for as part of a new look for the entire line of XpresSpa products, with the exception of the gifty products, which have a fancier, gift-looking approach to their containment.
This was a formula for the every-day products that consumers buy at the airport to use on their trip or at home.
This product and many of its offspring package designs was packaged in a clear, stiff plastic material called "PETE"  or Polyethylene Terephthalate for you chemistry enthusiasts.
Flat Layout view: the areas of solid blueish represent transparency, totally see-through plastic surface area.
Close-up of a side panel, note the blueish areas that represent transparency excluded from the areas of solid white. And, also note how happy the little vector people look to be lucky enough to demonstrate this product.
Another side panel close-up, not as exciting as the previous one, but you get to look closely at those little symbols that make this product look save to use
Here's the Pressure Massager packaging on a shelf with some of its offspring, all of which were laid out by yours truly.
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