Web Design
Designed website look of website and created sitemap and wireframes to account for each page and elements on the pages.
Web Design
Grace Institute
This was a pro bono project through Taproot Foundation, which I serviced as the designer on an 8-member team including: Project Manager, Account Manager, Marketing Manager, Copy Writer, Photographer, and tow Developers. Unfortunately after the design was signed off by the client and the developers finished making it function, the client opted to shelve it for now. So it's not live as of yet. But I worked a bunch on trying to make it look pretty, so here it is.

Project Manager - Jeevan Rashanayagam
Account Manager - Mark Lipowicz
Designer - Dylan Rogers
Copy Writer - Mark Laporta
Marketing Manager - Namrata Gaurie
Web Developer - Edward Jose
Web Developer - Rohit Nafday
Photographer - Brad DeCecco

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